Monday, August 3, 2009

Be Home Soon!!

I am disappointed that I have not been able to share my travel experience with you while I am away in Holland. By the time, there is time to sit down in quiet space, it is far too late in the evening, and I am too bone tired to try to put sentences together.
The trip has been amazing! I do not think we have stopped eating since arriving. I have taken tons of photos, and have food experiences that I am looking forward to sharing. I will be home this weekend. As soon as I can get unpacked, get a good night's sleep and download my photos, I will be back online sharing my travel and food experiences with you.

Tomorrow morning, we are off to Paris by train. My walking shoes are ready! My list with common French phrases is ready too. I will do my best to not butcher the language when trying to use my non-existent french accent to communicate with the locals.

Just a thought: The population of Amsterdam is 800,000. The population of bicycles in Amsterdam is 1.6 miliion in a city that has more canals than it does streets.

Until later!


sangeeta said...

hi Velva..
you are really enjoying your trip.
maida is all purpose flour as we call it in India.
it is supposed to be fattening and is a refined food carrying only calories as everybody knows.
Daliya ( i thought you might have a question about that ) is broken wheat which i have used for making those buns.

Lucia said...

Can't wait to hear about Amsterdam. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Queen B. said...

I used to live in Holland and Belgium...
Have a save trip !!

Lucia from Madison said...

Just googled "STROOPWAFELS". Wow that does sound good!

Velva said...

I have Stroopwafels in the luggage. They are addictive! Especially, with a good cup of coffee.

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